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Baba Bedi and the increase of consciousness

Baba Bedi Lal Phiare  – born in Punjab (India) on April 5th  1909, died inRivarolo (Torino, Italy) on March 31st, 1993)

Celestial Servant of the order of the White Lion

16th descendant of Baba Guru Nanak Sat (1469/1538), Prophet of the Full Moon (Master and Holy person in India)

Baba Bedi was a master of our time. A true master, original, innovative and – above all –  realistic, which brought to humanity a huge contribution to evolution, rich in possibilities for implementation.

Thanks to research that has taken and the discoveries made, the individual now has more opportunity to realize himself (in the existential sphere), thus realizing the plan of his own conscience.

I would like to focus attention on the exceptional ability and skill of the man, by its ability to explore dimensions of existence and live in a global, deep and clear, so full way, that few have dared in contemporary history.

Audacity and practicality, wisdom and sensitivity are the most immediate features that lead me to say with certainty that deserves a prominent place in the hierarchy of “Masters and Sages people” of all time.

Poet, writer, philosopher, sociologist, anthropologist and Futurist, Baba Bedi was a genuine revolutionary, a pioneer of “New Age Aquarian.” Consistent with what  he said, as a path to self-realization and enlightenment of Consciousness, he lived is humanity totally, in every respect, providing tangible evidence of high spirit and also a practical sense.

Guided by the noble patriotism and high ideals of freedom and justice, fought for independence from British rule in India, as a revolutionary, was imprisoned for this and spent years in concentration camps in England. He emerged from prison with his back inexorably compromised, and this then it led to paralysis and then slowly to death, but also his spirit was fortified in its values and intentions.

He achieved to have more than one BAC degree, studied in the major European universities for several years, has translated ancient texts from Sanscrti language and, with his first wife (which later became a Buddhist nun) has written and published several works.

After leaving political life, where he held high office, he began to live a mystical life, in search of Truth, Right and Reality. On fifties he opened in New Delhi the Research Institute of the unknown, to uncover the mysteries of man and the cosmos.

“Like a hungry beggar of new knowledge of hidden mysteries, I offer the bowl of my heart. Thus, by the grace of the Holy esoteric sources, I came to find out … ”

Humbly, as he himself says, he looked to the unknown, exploring the deep heart of creation and has received new knowledge. And so, describes the path that led to the discovery of the “Three Glorious bodies of Light: Intuition, Consciousness, Ethics and Psychic Sensitivity, vibrational bodies performing evolutionary function in humans.

So also has the unique information obtained relating to the operation and anatomy of the Human Soul and its mode of action of components that are part of the human system.

“Knowledge of the Sacred Esoteric source illuminated the path of research and has revealed the true face of the Queen: the Consciousness ….

Reducing powers and rights which, in general, and incorrectly, have been attributed to the mind, Baba Bedi, aimed to Consciousness more specific roles and responsibilities in detail. “Consciousness is the coordinator between existing and being and between being and becoming, which acts as a mechanical bridge between interiority and outer.”  This statement alone brings to mind its actual role (discernment, common sense, etc …).

Years of experimentation have shown the validity of its findings and its revelations and have also further expanded knowledge and scope.

He arrived in Italy in 1972, spreaded his findings and his “innovative thinking” for several years into centers inspired to the Age of Aquarius. With his second wife, Antonia Chiappini “by working hand in hand, stands the new school of thought Aquarian Center of Philosophy” in Milan (1978) and that’s where, for many years (until his death), he taught to many people. People of any gender, cultural and ideological, adhering to many different beliefs, all have been welcomed in the same way. Respect for Baba Bedi was a fundamental principle for all forms of life, ideas and modes of thought. He did not like publicity, let alone aimed at any form of proselytizing (although he was the father of a famous actor), he preferred the privacy and stay out of all recognition, so those who came to him was led by a “genuine need to improve their existential state. Many people have achieved great benefits by following his teachings. They have learned to trust in their own ability and to draw the strength needed to pursue their ideals, they become aware of their evolution and find practical solutions for restoring the balance. Resolutions that are always creative, because they feel to be in power of their own life.

Practical measures, as can be implemented with ease, overcoming every conditioning and overcoming any resistance. The school is full of Baba Bedi Evolutionary Highly content, producing, in those who apply, benefits on the physical and spiritual level. His teachings, broad, well-being and development is aimed chiefly at the individual and the entire human species, then, expanding in concentric circles to reach the welfare of the whole creation, until the most remote areas, so that the ‘Balance dwell and reign in all dimensions of existence. On the whole, his work is an immense wealth for the human baggage, which leaves room for further extensions, new discoveries and innovations for the purposes of evolution.

He left us with a new culture and immeasurable time to the welfare and development of the Human Being rich and attentive to the happiness and joy of the person and evidence that testify to their reliability. In his school there is content, philosophical concepts, information and universal human issues that accompany it, step by step, every individual who have “open heart” to know them, to notice already from the start of large inherent Truth.

“The human soul, in addition to the life force evolved, it has a light unit, this unit of light is God within us human beings.”

He defined the relationship between the “microcosm and macrocosm,” as the same that exists between the units of light (as part of the Human Soul) and the cosmic totality, because it has “all the potentialities that belong to all.

“The units of light that joins the Life Force evolved, gives us the spectacle of the most glorious creation, the birth of the Human Soul! A magic moment! For the evolution of consciousness was the dawn of a new day …. ”

Baba Bedi moved the hearts of people who  listened him, when he spoke of Consciousness, the human soul, the spark of light … His talkings were clear, concise and at the same time, full of poetry and scientific knowledge.

Personally I had never heard or read anything like that, before I knew. He could in a few words to explain the functioning, capacity and ownership, as made very clear idea about their actual roles in the existential sphere, so that everyone can recognize, if necessary, what is the mechanism that does not play its function properly and what the dynamics to be activated to restore the “state of balance.”

Thanks to him, the calls that always Masters, Prophets and Sages, at all times, they gave to human beings, find a way to happen.

He also confirmed the validity of their messages: “Look for yourself, find yourself, know yourself, be yourself, love yourself …” and he did, by devoting his life to research in the development of methods to pursue them, without any compromise or constraints.

The school that has left us is unique, because it draws attention to the “Spiritual Growth” hand in hand with the “Construction Material”.

“How can you evolve spiritually if you are frustrated in life?” he used to say.

On his way of saying simple and disarming and against all forms of austerity, laid the groundwork for a different way of conceiving the “self-realization.” His teachings and his innovative techniques to guide action according to the level of individual conscience and freedom to be supporting their freedom to follow your own path, in whatever direction it tends.

Baba was a “True Teacher”, I think an indisputable fact.

It can be defined Master a person who creates something new, which spells out a valid and workable in practice teaching, and encourages those who approach (as has happened Him) by people from diverse backgrounds, religious, etc. .. and who is able (as he was) to give way for anyone to learn something that can be useful to them forever. He used to said: “You can lead a horse to the river but you can’t force it to drink, even if he is thirsty, no violation is possible to the free will of human beings”.

Baba Bedi  loved and appreciated Italy and the Italians, he loved the art of our country, recognizing to the works of our artists (past and contemporary) the ability to know how to apply spirituality. Used to say joking: “In Italy people run away from the churches, but did not run away from God, however,” he recognized us many qualities, admired our desire for knowledge, wanting to go in depth into things … so he decided to settle here, even for these reasons. When somebody asked him why he left India, he replied that “there are still too many issues to think about and materials things to solve in India, before we can change something on a spiritual level.” The condition of suffering, he explained, can obscure the brightness of Consciousness and does not allow to the human being to have clarity of perception and even doesn’t allow to people to develop the capacity to act creatively. Stressed the fact that every negative state of mind that a person lives and constraint, every frustration, blocks the flow of positivity , causing imbalances psychosomatic illnesses. “Every force in nature want to live its function in order to fully drain and turn into a more advanced function. Baba Bedi has changed the old and castrating theories based on principles of renunciation, repression of desires and control of emotions and returning to Man the dignity and the freedom to be. A very great and precious gift, that no one before us had yet made, so complete and satisfying.

http://www.animazen.it/baba_bedi.html, my translation

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