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Different kinds of talents

There is two types of talents: Mature and Newborn.

MATURE: they come from previous lives, exist as entities within us, they have to be experienced or they cause troubles, mainly of three types.

1) If not expressed they remain stifled and frustrated, the person feels the sensation “to be locked in a dark cell,  with no hope of being able to get out”. Anyone in this situation would scream, desperately strikes against the walls like a crazy person. Inside the Human Being, the mature talent that are repressed react the same way. They create great tension and restlessness who seems unmotivated. After agitated and debated, talents repressed, killed, tired, helpless cause depression to the human soul. Consequently, the person live between tension and depression, depression and tension, and feel a psychological problem.

Foto di Elisabetta Mazzonetto

2) Another problem created by the talents not lived is inconstancy. Whatever a person wants to do, it can’t involve his heart completely, there is nothing in which he can concentrate, it changes aims all the time and does not bring anything out. The person can’t understand that these situations are not created by the failure, but from the cruel game of his true abilities who, feeling stifled, are protesting, as if to say: why you refuse us, who are your skills, your potential? Why do you put your heart into other things? Talents are jealous.

3) They cause another problem, perhaps the most cruel, because it sheds dark shadows in the sentimental relationships. Doubts and conflicts continue to affect and destroy the love, the 2 person blame one each other for it, not realizing that the real problem is related to their abilities unexpressed. The logic is basically simple: how can they have a happy love life, if there is no balance in themselves? If they do not live their potentials and talents, which are their true essence? Talents choked, in tears,  may  not recognize that happiness in love life is one of our rights. The repressed talents can cause all three of these problems, thus showing their protest.

Foto di Elisabetta Mazzonetto

NEWBORN TALENTS: The talents of this type must be known and cultivated. They come from the energies active on the planet at the moment of our conception in the present life. Even if not experienced immediately, do not usually create major problems. Talents can be of any kind, not only as art: dance, painting, poetry, theater, sculpture … .. but also architecture, physics, astronomy, science, botany, gardening, cooking, fishing, handcrafting …. then there are also psychic mediumship, clairvoyance, dowsing, ability to heal, contemplation … … …

FROM: http://www.animazen.it/approfondimento_psichico.html

This ideas come from Baba Bedi’ theory

Translation of italian is mine.

… and I, Oriana, say: also the talent to listen people and make them feel important, the talent to teach to children how to be good football player and so loyal men, the capacity to tell jokes and to make people laugh… that can be essential when people are trapped in a mine or ill in the hospital… etc etc

To become ourselves is the more important thing to realize in life. Stay human, as Vittorio Arrigoni always says…


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