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Please Stand with Egypt

by Ramzy Baroud on Thursday, 03 February 2011 at 00:02

By Ramzy Baroud

It’s becoming obvious that what is happening in Egypt is people’s power at its best. There is no overriding political faction at work here, no ideology, no religion, although the protesters might be inspired by their own moral or ideological, or even class frame of references. They are ‘ordinary people’, putting their lives on the line for the sake of their beliefs. It’s a collective retort to an oppressive regime’s assault on human rights, on the very dignity of Egypt and its people.

I have spent years researching and writing about the need to understand ‘people’s power’ as a real, and at times a determining factor in shaping political and socio-economic realities, thus my last three books and hundreds of articles. At times, I am sure, my arguments sounded more like wishful thinking or sentimental at best. But what is taking place in Egypt right now is a text-book manifestation of the power of the people, their ability to disturb (and hopefully, in the case of Egypt to change) the status quo, as entrenched, rooted and stubborn as it maybe.

The key component of people’s power is its ability to capture and use collective solidarity in its immediate surrounding, but beyond that as well.

Therefore, I call on all people of conscious, all activists, all intellectuals, all ‘ordinary people’ everywhere to stand in solidarity with the people of Egypt, in this historic moment, and to exhibit this solidarity in as clear away as possible. It’s essential that Egyptians, especially those who are holding strong in the Tahrir Square in Cairo, know that they are not alone. People’s power without the people factor is of no importance. Let’s stand as civil society, as people everywhere with our sisters and brothers in Egypt.

If Mubarak falls, the rumbling of his fall will be too loud to be ignored by the other tyrants in the Middle East (and elsewhere) and by those who, for long, have backed them, supported and financed them, successive US administrations notwithstanding.

Long live the people of Egypt and their fight for rights, freedoms and democracy.

Anonymous lancia un appello: protestiamo davanti a Ambasciate e Consolati egiziani nel mondo!



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