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Did you know?

Did you know?
Since 1967, Israel has maintained complete control over the population registry of the oPt, and over the granting of permits to visit the oPt. This control continues to extend to the Rafah border crossing in the Gaza Strip even after Israel‘s disengagement in 2005. The Palestinians may merely administer the Rafah border crossing as per Israeli rules and regulations.
Did you know that

Since the end of 2000, Israel has stopped accepting requests for family unification for Palestinian residents of the oPt married to foreign nationals. Unification applications previously submitted to Israel by the Palestinian Authority have been almost completely frozen. PA‘s Ministry for Civil Affairs estimates that it has received more than 120,000 requests for unification since the end of 2000.

Did you know?

Since the end of 2000 Israel has also stopped granting visitor‘s permits to the oPt and by doing so closed the only legal way open to non-resident spouses to live with their resident families.

Did you know?

17.2% of Palestinian residents have at least one first-degree relative (spouse, parent, child or sibling) who has not been able to register in the population registry and therefore does not hold an Israeli-issued Palestinian ID-card. 78.4% of these families are affected by the current Israeli prohibition and freeze on family unification.

Did you know?

Due to Israel‘s policy since 2000 and the fear of being separated from their families, tens of thousands of foreign nationals and spouses of residents have become “persons staying illegally‘ in the oPt. If caught at Israeli checkpoints, these people may be immediately detained and deported.

Did you know that?

Due to the restrictions on family unification and the granting of visitor‘s permits, foreign passport holders have for years been relying on a system of continuously renewable 3-month (or shorter) tourist visas. Although such frequent visa renewals are time-consuming and costly, at least they used to be possible. This year there has been a dramatic increase in reported denied-entry cases. Israel is now refusing to accept these foreign nationals living and working in the oPt as ‘tourists‘ while having effectively closed off all other options to legally reside in the area.

Did you know that?

Since May 2006, the biggest university in the West Bank, Birzeit University, has seen a 50% decline in employees with foreign passports and lists the recent rise of visa-refusals as a significant attributable factor. Birzeit University hosts 400 non-resident students, all of whom are at risk of deportation or denial of entry upon their next visa-renewal.

Fonte: http://www.righttoenter.ps


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