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I sogni di Gaza YBO

12 Maggio 2011! La Co.Ru.m partita da piazza Tahrir al Cairo è riuscita ad entrare a Gaza dal valico di Rafah! Video

La gioia dei palestinesi per l’accordo del Cairo: Fatah e Hamas uniti!!!

La canzone èأناديكم (Unadikum) di Tawfiq Zayyad

vi chiamo tutti
vi stringo le mani
bacio la terra sotto i tuoi piedi
e dico: offro la mia vita per la vostra
vi do la luce dei miei occhi
come regalo
e il calore del mio cuore.
la tragedia che vivo
è che il mio destino è lo stesso tuo destino.
Vi chiamo tutti
vi stringo le mani
non sono stato umiliato nel mio paese
e nemmeno mi sono ritratto dalla paura
rimango in piedi davanti ai miei oppressori
orfano, nudo, scalzo
ho portato il mio sangue sulle mani
e non ho abbassato le bandiere
ho preservato l’erba verde
sulle tombe dei miei antenati
Vi chiamo tutti
vi stringo le mani.

“E alla fine sono tornato.
Non sazio del silenzio d’assenzio di una felicità incolta
accollata come un cerotto mal riposto su di una bocca che urla.”
Vittorio Arrigoni, Gaza 25 dicembre 2008

28/04/2011 Verrà aperto in modo permanente il valico di Rafah!!! Ma cosa sta succedendo???

27/04/2011 Ieri al Cairo Fatah e Hamas avrebbero fatto un accordo storico per la formazione di un governo di unità nazionale!!! Israele l’ha presa male… come anche gli Stati Uniti. Anche i gruppi estremisti. Che strano trovare Israele e gli USA e gli estremisti religiosi (terroristi anche questi, no? vogliono attaccare sia Hamas che Fatah che Israele per sabotare l’accordo) dalla stessa parte contro l’accordo…  😉

Every Palestinian will be delighted by this agreement which will signal a new phase in internal Palestinian relations. It’s good for peace and stability and it’s good for the region and democracy. This will help us heal the rifts and empower all Palestinians to end the occupation and embody statehood.” ha detto Hanan Haswari.

Sia gli Stati Uniti che l’Unione Europea considerano Hamas terrorista, ma tengono contatti informali con rappresentanti del loro governo.

26/04/2011 Gaza youth breaks out (شباب غزة للتغيير)

Important announcement:
As part of our campaign to break out the silence, we at gybo decided to work on arranging a mass freedom march from all over the world to end the siege over gaza. We will be working day and night with peace and solidarity movements worldwide to set a date within the next few days. Our idea has gained a lot of support in such a short period of time. In the meantime we would like to ask for all those interested in participating to send us an email to Freegazayouth@hotmail.com to rally more support for our cause.
Thank you for your efforts to get the word out,
GYBO team
Il video del commovente discorso della mamma di Vik al funerale, il 24 aprile 2011.

2 commenti su “I sogni di Gaza YBO

  1. orybal
    27 aprile 2011

    In Gaza

    -If you Criticize Israel; You’ll never be able to leave Gaza
    – If you criticize Hammas; You’ll be called a collaborator
    -If you criticize Fateh; You’ll never have a job!
    …-The only jobs available are Taxi Driver, Tunnel trafficker and a Politician
    -The sound of drones is higher than common sense
    -The sound of f16s shake houses………………………………..

  2. Oriana
    25 maggio 2011

    Since the day I heard about the Italian convoy that is coming to Gaza I was longing to meet Vitorrio’s friends, and dreaming of the day they would arrive in Gaza. The 12th of May was the arrival day. It was a long day because some friends and I had to wait for the convoy in their apartment in Gaza as we did not have permission to welcome them at the Rafah crossing or even to invite them to our homes.

    Words can not express how happy I was when I met those great people. They are one of my great sources of inspiration. Their love to Gaza is just wonderful – they taught me how to love my land, to stick by my principles, to fight longer seeking freedom and to stay stronger: “stay human”.

    Vittorio’s folk, as I like to call them, are brave enough to visit Gaza and show the whole world that they are not afraid to come to the place where their friend was kidnapped and murdered. Their love for Palestine and Gaza is just unbelievable – they would sacrifice their souls for the sake of any of us!

    This was illustrated when we were at Erez crossing and all of them wanted to go further and further in order to witness and experience the atmosphere that most of the Palestinians have to suffer. Besides, they wanted to experience what Vittorio used to do with many of the ISM members in Gaza: such as the farming actions; going to the buffer zone areas; supporting many of the farmers and fishermen; and participating in many of the demos that were held to raise awareness of the human rights of the Palestinians.

    One of the things that I loved most about those beautiful Italian souls is that they appreciated the instructions of our religion, traditions and culture. They did not want to cause us any kind of difficulty; they cared a lot about us and wanted to do anything to make us feel equal. In addition to that, I felt that they have clear, pure, modest and charming characters. Each one of them has a special thing about their character.

    The moment when we had to say goodbye was so emotional that none of us could hold back our tears. Men cried in front of women and we tried to make it easier by comforting each other – we promised that we would all meet again soon. I was looking at their busses as if I was longing to go back home with them. I really felt I was Italian and they had become Palestinians!

    This is my message to all the convoy members who shared much pain, sorrow, tears, joy, happiness and laughter with us,
    “Since the day you arrived here my life has changed because you guys are amazing, and the moment of saying goodbye was so emotional – filled with love, respect and hope. You guys are astonishing and unforgettable just like Vittorio. I will never forget you! We will meet again inshAllah. Much respect and love to all of you my new Italian friends.”

    Rewa’ Ahmed http://gazaybo.wordpress.com/2011/05/21/with-love-and-respect-from-the-bottom-of-my-heart-to-my-italian-family/


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