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I promised them not to carry weapons and fight against the Palestinians anymore.

In Fb, Ni’lin’s Struggle Against Israeli Apartheid ( the story of Nilin here in     http://www.palestinemonitor.org/spip/spip.php?article439 ) tell us what Gilad Shalit told in his first interview with egyptian tv…

Gilad Shalit was talking about how he was treated during his detention: I was able feel and breath the air and to see the sun, what i knew that I was somewhere on this globe.

I did not know their names because they were talking to each other and communicated in my presence using (Hamas 1, hamas 2 . etc…).

I used to read the newspapers and listen to the radio … The food was delicious.

I will miss some of the guards (members of Hamas).

I learned a lot about Islam during my prison, I read books ..
I had never heard a specific conversation between them, nor I saw their faces, they were all masked and they were using language of signs between each others.
The medical checkup was periodical and the doctor was wearing the military uniform of hamas.
I promised them not to carry weapons and fight against the Palestinians anymore.

Two days after my capture they told me that they don’t kill prisoners no matter what happens.

They Kept my military uniform, I refused to wear it .. But I wore it later when i was released.

They have never tortured, nor hit, me but I cried a lot the early days while interrogation.



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