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The angels share, esercizio di english writing

La-parte-degli-angeli-MAN-dataRecently I have been to the cinema and I have seen the movie “The angels share” directed by Ken Loach. The story is about a group of young people in Glasgow, who made little crimes as thefts or brawling, and so the judge decided that they  have to make social service to re-pay the society.

An old social worker Rhino is in charge of them during the job and he is a very sensitive man, with a passion for whiskeys.
Robbie is one of the members of the group and he had a newborn baby with his girlfriend, but he has a lot of troubles because the family of his girlfriend doesn’t like him – because he’s a little fighter – and some gangs still want to beat him.

Rhino decides to invite him to go, during weekend, to a whiskeys tasting (and  all the group wanted to go with them), so they go with a van. There, Robbie discovers that he has  a good taste for recognize different kind of whiskeys and that he can profit from this, because there are people who would pay a lot for some special whiskey.

He later decided to organize the group of weirdos and  – pretending to be a Scottish club who loves whiskeys – to go with them to a tasting of a very ancient whiskey, hide into the cellar and steal some bottles. They could do it but later some bottles were broken in a funny episode.

Robbie could sell one bottle left very expensive and earn money that he can share with friends.But, most important, he forced the buyer to find him a job in a whiskey factory, to become a reliable father.The last bottle was left in Rhino’s kitchen as a luxury gift.



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Questa voce è stata pubblicata il 22 febbraio 2013 da in chiacchiere, cinema.

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