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A young Syrian

I didn’t know him very well. But some months ago I just asked where he was, in Facebook, because lot of people was wishing him happy birthday, but he wasn’t answering. A relative answered me last May: he was in jail since a year, arrested at a checkpoint whtile he was going home. She added “We do not know that he was alive or died, but we know that those who enter Syrian prisons will not come out alive, unfortunately”.

Yesterday she sent me another message: Mawd Salem is dead. He was killed. By syrian regime.


We started speaking the 30 October 2011. He asked me friendship. He told me he was from Middle East, didn’t want to say Syria or supposed I didn’t know where it was (we are not unaware as americans, oh!).

“Near Palestine” he said :-). Near Damascus. But he said he was palestinian, the family came from Nazareth.

“How is life there?” I asked. 222708_423842964362120_1954743765_n

“It’s a place of fear and terror ” he answered “horror” and “the fear in Damascus is bigger than clashes, people are afraid”.

He told me he was working with Amnesty.

He was angry because Europe helped the revolution in Lybia where just a city had uprising and not the syrian revolution where 14 cities had demostrations. Now americans and their arab allies came to bomb Raqqa… such an help, friend…

He said he just didn’t want help from me, he said “we just want you to know the truth“. He suggested me to watch the Facebook  page Syria days of rage. I suppose Facebook closed it: it’s just in Twitter but no posts since the end of 2013, I suppose it was linked to him and to his desappearing.

He told me he was a doctor, but he was just studying medecine.

He said the rebels were protesters for freedom. He was worried we didn’t understand what was happening in Syria, he compared Assad to other dictators. He said the army was protecting Assad. He supposed the war would go on for 2-3 years and he said people will stand for so long… it was 2011. It’s true. Syrian people are standing.

When I knew him he had another name. Then, in May 2012 he decided to change in facebook and go back to his real name, “God damn the intelligence!”

We used to chat nightime. One night, at 2 o’ clock he wanted me to watch the movie “Los ojos de Julia” of the director Guillermo del Toro, because the criminal in that spanish movie was similar to Assad. “The story contains a puzzle, an enigma. It’s not a horror film”, he said “but i wondered about the story, it’s an amazing movie”.

He then wanted to speak about devils, that he called “apostate or infidel fairy”. I just was reading about the passage of Venus and told him to look up. But he was watching another movie: a turkish one, Semum, about devil in our lives.

Another time he said that he heard that Italy was a poor country and he was surprised because he tought Italian wasn’t an important language, studied abroad. But Syria was a farm for Assad’s family.

Then a message from him was identified as abusive or marked as a spam, on July 2012. He never answered anymore to my links left in a message.

Now I think about it. What I know about him. Just a presence coming at 2 in the night saying a kind “Hello”. And anytime I said “sorry, it’s late, I need to sleep” he just said a quiet “goodnight”, maybe sad to be left alone in the middle of nightmares. 19628_424017404344676_1784705647_n

Last time I chatted with him he wished to me a HAPPY AND FREE NEW YEAR 2013!

Yours was not, young boy. Sorry.

Appello Amnesty Porre fine alle sparizioni forzate in Siria!



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