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Waiting in Chios…..

SoudacampYoung educated calm boys,
they seems university students
but they’re refugees living in tents
with dignity, from bombed Syria
trying to help, translating moods,
understanding children…
“I will make this bracelet and tomorrow I will show you”
but I am leaving tonight.
“It’s not fair: I couldn’t know you!”
Children with wise cat eyes
able to write Arabic from left to right and to learn all languages….
you are in my heart.IMG_20160808_140735
Your loving humanity is written now on my body.
Hugging and taking my hand
with trust and need to be welcomed.
Screaming for a painful wounded knee

in a mad messy Greek hospital where just doctors know English…
Unaccompanied boys singing, dancing,

playing drums anytime life gives you one
and smiling a lot.
You dedicated your song  to a kind stranger with “I love you, mommy”

just because she shared her sun cream with boys playing under sun.
Saying goodbye, after a day of games, with joyous “shukran”.
“Do you think I am a baby?
I crossed countries in war,
I jumped on a boat, night time
and I am still surviving violence, staying human”.
Being in your side while you’re running
Invited to have a race with you
Challenging your strenght
Breaking rules for fun
Winning is less important than being together, “my friend”.
Patient and quiet, saying goodbye to people leaving at the port
Trustful that your chance is coming
because it is your right to be free
because someone from far away waited the boats coming

staying awake all night long in a watchtower

worried not to spot some of them,

scared for you in the cold wind

and then welcomed everyone with “ahlan, welcome” after a tough night
because a young man came by faraway is understanding and translating your pain
wanting to cry for you and smiling, instead.
Because love and friendship are alive and real.



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Questa voce è stata pubblicata il 21 agosto 2016 da in diritti umani, libertà, refugees, Siria.

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