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A quiet and strong resistance

Questo articolo è scritto da Oriana Baldasso solo a titolo personale. Non è comunicato ufficiale di alcuna organizzazione.

Stay quiet and wait. When you would like to roll over the table!

When you would like to run there and shout your protest: that’s not fair! Security? Bullshit!

And this make lot of close people cry. And sleep very badly, or not to sleep at all. And be so angry that just putting up the volume of the stereo in your car and shout the words of a raging song will calm you down. You, outside.

Yesterday 5 friendly kidding boys were going back home from an interesting training about “theater of the oppressed” and and an international festival in Italy. An Erasmus+ project for youth exchange. They enjoyed 8 days in Italy, meeting old and new friends and sharing experiences. They spoke about Palestine, their homeland and hunger strikes of prisoners for their rights.

Landed in Amman, passing the Jordanian security check, then the Israeli one… and what?!

Murad Yassir Shamroukh, 20, cannot pass. Murad, 20 years celebrated few days ago, has been stopped and arrested. Why? Security reason. What the hell, are you considering this kind and funny boy a threat for your security?! A fly shitting on your heads is a threat for your security, so… not him.

So, I guess, running home, calling lawyers, the family called  the Israeli occupation forces and they answered they will keep him for 2 days, maybe… maybe?!

Today 2 days became 14 days…. no reason. Taken by chance, as a candy in a bowl.

Something really wrong is going on. It is all wrong… do you still ask why the tables of “agreements” were roll over?! They are doing that to my brother, son, friend…

Stay strong, stay centered, aware, while scared  and cruel soldiers treat you like you weren’t human… unaware you can stay more human than them.

Stay quiet and wait. Practise patience. How strong you have to be, to stand in this situation…

Writing words of affection, because when he will come out he will know he wasn’t alone, he is loved.

And praying: throwing to the sky tons of your hope. And resisting, being relisient… how strangers can judge your choices of resistance?

And remembering, never forgetting who you are and how you are strong and free, also in a cage.

Inspiring, will say a TED talk. But there are ever been TED talks in Palestine?


Murad was freed the 17th of October 2017. Three other youngsters of the same refugees’ camp were arrested in a raid the night before…



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